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  • Titiksha Vashist

Interaction at Asia Week at UC Berkeley on Decolonizing Environmentalism and Indigenous Education


Matrushree Ananthalakshmi and Titiksha Vashist from CIKS interacted with students from UC Berkeley on decolonizing environmentalism through experiments in indigenous education. Matrushree shared experiences and learnings from the Dharma Gurukulam, housed at Anaadi Foundation including the role of learning from nature in a serene setting, and cow-based learning. The talk followed an interaction with students who were keen to learn more about the place and role of ecology in indigenous education, and ways in which these can be reclaimed and made popular. The interaction with students focussed on positive futures reclaimed in the light of indigenous knowledge traditions, as powerful alternative narratives.

Left: Poster event; Right: The speakers, interacting with a classroom of students at UC Berkeley.

More announcements on events and fellowships at the center coming soon.


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