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CIKS offers fellowships to students, researchers, practitioners, and academics to conduct research in areas of indigenous knowledge and produce focussed outputs.

CIKS Summer Fellowship Program 2024: [Applications Closed]


Applications for the CIKS Summer Fellowship Program 2024 are now closed. The Center is offering fellowships to researchers, designers, storytellers, writers, and graduate or post-graduate students working on indigenous knowledge in any part of the world. The fellowships are designed as 2-month engagements where fellows will take up research activities in line with CIKS' objectives to develop an independent research or creative output. Fellowships are completely virtual, with an option for onsite visits for Indian residents.

Themes for the fellowship can include, but are not limited to, the following: 

  • Tracing and mapping indigenous knowledge histories and/or practices

  • Undertaking field world to document indigenous knowledge practices and methods 

  • Storytelling traditions in and across indigenous cultures 

  • Principles-mapping in, and across indigenous knowledge systems 

  • Cataloguing indigenous knowledge systems within one, or across diverse cultures 

  • Documenting and researching indigenous sciences, including health, ecology, and climate

  • Researching indigenous arts and crafts traditions 

  • Documenting indigenous learning, and knowledge transfer traditions across pedagogical forms 

  • Documenting knowledge and livelihood practices of tribal indigenous groups 

  • Mapping organisations and practitioners working on indigenous knowledge for education across the globe

Fellows will be producing focussed outputs as part of the fellowship, which could include:

  • Documentation and mapping 

  • Research monograph

  • Photo Essays 

  • Story-telling production 

  • Podcast/ Video production 

  • Artistic multimedia outputs 

Along with working on their chosen topic, fellows will also support the Center's activities during their fellowship. Writing and publishing three blog posts related to the chosen research topic is a requirement for fellowship completion.

What fellows get: 

  • Opportunity to be part of an emerging center of research and practice which blends indigenous knowledge with grounded action and policy focus 

  • Mentorship meetings with senior researchers and practitioners who can help fellows plan and execute their projects 

  • Part of an exciting team of researchers working on these themes and engagement on cross-cultural areas of research within indigenous knowledge and education 

  • Invitation to visit and learn from CIKS on-site in Tamil Nadu, India 

  • A stipend as part of the fellowship 

  • A space to develop and publish their work, and a network to share outputs from fellowship activities

  • Certification from the center as acknowledgement of completion 



The fellowship is open to Indian and Global researchers and practitioners. Applications are open on a rolling basis. In case of queries, drop a line to: 

Application deadline: 30th May, 2024 

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