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Colorful Threads

Research & Initiatives

CIKS works towards co-evolving methods, tools and pedagogies that blend insights from indigenous education and contemporary education to create learning spaces that are holistic, engaging, inclusive, sustainable and joyous.

In recent times, we witness that global problems need multi-dimensional solutions. Such multi-dimensional solutions require the confluence of various knowledge systems, indigenous and modern. Be it ecological well-being or social issues, there are numerous solutions available that can be harnessed from indigenous knowledge. Many educators, researchers and communities are interested in exploring the various facets of indigenous education to be able to blend it with modern knowledge systems to create holistic educational ecosystems that are culturally relevant, inclusive, value-based and respectful of the diverse knowledge systems and experiences of all people. 


Due to rapid changes in the goals and modes of education, coupled with advancements in technology, there has been very little opportunity for communities across the globe to rediscover the principles and content of  indigenous knowledge which emphasizes “embodied and collective knowing” and explore ways of integrating these principles into the current teaching and learning process.

Indigenous Peoples have developed their knowledge systems over millennia, and continue to do so based on evidence acquired through direct contact with the environment, long-term experiences, extensive observations, lessons, and skills. 


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